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Not only is the quality of the apparel incredible, but the message behind the brand is so important and meaningful. The owner is someone who practices what he preaches and is committed to quality and peace. Highly recommend!

Bernardo Vasquez

Revact Miami, ademas de que representan mis Principios Politicos, representan mi infancia y mi cubania. 


Love this brand! Very provocative and playful in its designs.

Diego Mursuli

I’m excited to see how this company is working to expose some of the more obscure and unique trait of the Cuban culture.


Excellent shirts and tremendous customer service! Long live free Cuba!

Osvaldo Guerra


 Cuban Culture is the driving idea that shaped this company back in 2018. A paradisiac blend of diverse smells, flavors, colors and sounds from all over the world that come together to transform Cuba into a place of charm and wonders. Which led us to make our main objective to spread the word of its rich culture, its fashion and artivism. We wanted to become the first Cuban Streetwear brand in the United States that would represent the Cuban culture as well as Cubans, their idiosyncrasies, what they think and their struggles. So, REVACT was born. 


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"Rights are to be taken, not requested; seized, not begged for."

- José Martí

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