Our Story

"The main mission is to spread the word on Cuban culture, its fashion and art"


 Cuban Culture is the driving idea that shaped this company back in 2018. A paradisiac blend of diverse smells, flavors, colors and sounds from all over the world that come together to transform Cuba into a place of charm and wonders. Which led us to make our main objective to spread the word of its rich culture, its fashion and art. We wanted to become the first Cuban Streetwear brand in the United States that would represent the Cuban culture as well as Cubans, their idiosyncrasies, what they think and their struggles. So, REVACT was born.

   Revact is a clothing brand that is inspired by revolutionary action demonstrated through caricatures of our home country where we can mock some personalities through satire, but in turn, awaken the memories of the best times in the old Cuba.

  Beyond wanting to make people laugh, our primary goal and purpose is to carry a message of freedom of expression, rebellion and the freedom to be able to externalize their unbiased political opinions without problems. It is also a cry of rebellion that always goes against the status Quo regarding the entire Latino community.

  Thanks to our headquarters, being in Miami, Florida we managed to bring together a team of entrepreneurs, writers and designers that comprehend and feel the message of the brand. Bringing to life art that represents the freedom of Cubans above all, giving their creations an anti-communist touch that is very characteristic of them.

  Our founder Damian Maytin is one of the many Cubans who had to leave the Island in search of a better life at the young age of 10. Maytin refused to let go of his heritage and maintained his culture and customs alive. He holds dear his land and hopes to see its freedom come to fruition one day. For these same reasons at the age of 19, he created REVACT and today at the age of 21, he is one of the few young Cubans who are fighting back the regime with a creative and rebellious brand.